Adam Lucas

Adam Lucas is the artist behind Hanksy- a parodist working as part of the street art movement since 2011. Hansy is recognized for making  pun-themed work related to popular culture icons. Hanksy's work has been discussed in numerous publications including: The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Magazine and The Washington Post. 

In 2016, he started concurrently making a different kind of art under another name—Adam Lucas. The work of Adam Lucas layers images, text and bold design with playful references culled from contemporary culture. Using loud and elegant colors with crisp borders, Lucas simulates the experience of being a city-dweller who’s inundated with visual information and coded advertising subtext. 

Lucas paints worlds that possess a density both visual and auditory. They pulsate with sounds and rhythms, as if echoing an encounter with music. His work is calibrated to express the distinctive urban street life and popular culture in America, and in particular New York City's Lower East Side.


Everything's Fine Okay
Acrylic, vinyl, aerosol on panel
50 x 70” (asymmetric panel)

From The Top on Down
Acrylic, vinyl, aerosol on canvas
48 x 60”

NY2, 2019
Acrylic, vinyl, aerosol on canvas
66 x 84”


521 W 23rd Street
New York, NY. 10011

231 10th Avenue
New York, NY. 10011

Monday - Sunday, 10AM-6PM