Discover the work of Fabiano Senk
An Artist from São Paulo with mining roots

by Tatiane de Assis April, 10th, 2020 


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Viagem em Busca da Lua (2019); by Fabiano Senk 

The roots of the 28-year-old artist Fabiano Senk go beyond São Mateus, the East Zone neighborhood where he was born and lives. “My grandparents, uncles and cousins ​​were miners in Vale do Jequitinhonha, which is in northern Minas Gerais and has one of the largest rivers in the state,” recalls Fabiano, the São Paulo native.


Fabiano's grandfather's passed away in 2017, which intensified his artistic process. On the wall of the house where his grandfather lived, Senk painted one of his characters and left the message: “With an open heart I free my heart, I feel freer and happier throughout. I take with me my piece of land, where I was born, grew up and lived many happy moments so and time reminds me of where my true happiness is”.

The exodus of his father, at the age of 14, to São Paulo, inspired Fabiano to pant the Viagem em Busca da Lua (2019). The saga for the precious metal was recalled and questioned in the screen Grades Naturais (2020), with a boy-cage character, who has in his head the glittering glow of the metal that intoxicates and also imprisons.

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