Greg Miller

Drawing from the diverse cultural and geographic makeup of his Californian roots, Greg Miller explores his relationship with the space he inhabits to communicate a particular urban experience. Working with both paint and collage, he constructs and deconstructs, exploring the contradiction, ambiguity, and truth between urban streetscapes and history. 

Miller’s art is clever and cool. His abstracted backgrounds of drips, patterns, and phrases, and the peeling back of layers, provide a study in the impermanence of the things that surround us. His large-scale paintings and installations aim to make the most fleeting parts of American culture tangible.


Drink Pepsi, 2019.
Acrylic, Collage Paper, and Resin on Panel.
60 x 60”.


521 W 23rd Street
New York, NY. 10011

231 10th Avenue
New York, NY. 10011

Monday - Sunday, 10AM-6PM