Raphael Mazzucco

Raphael Mazzucco is a Canadian photographer of art, music, and fashion, whose work has earned him international acclaim. Renowned soccer player–turned fashion photographer, Mazzucco specializes in multifaceted, female-centric images that reflect his various creative interests and strengths. The point of departure for Mazzucco in many of his resin-encased photographs is the female figure and explorations in femininity. He then blends pieces of images, foliage and other ephemera from nature into large containers of resin, and this lush mixture eventually makes its way onto the large-format photographs as artfully-applied swaths of color and texture. As Mazzucco describes his dynamic and unpredictable technique, “I look for structure in chaos and it always ends up appearing but never as expected.”

As a fashion photographer, Mazzucco’s images have graced the covers of publications from Vogue to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and his editorial fashion imagery and celebrity portraiture have appeared in numerous magazines, including L’OfficialFrench & Italian VogueL’Uomo VogueMarie ClairePlayboy, and Vanity Fair. Additionally, Mazzucco has been profiled by several leading outlets, such as The Wall Street JournalThe New YorkerThe New York Times Style Section, and Paris Vogue, to name a few. His multimedia photography is featured in the private collections of well-known names from Tommy Hilfiger to Rhianna, as well as fellow artists Peter Beard and Damien Hirst. 


Bicycle Girl, 2017.
Archival pigment print, acrylic paint, ink, encased in resin.
71 x 57.50”

Ballerina, 2015. Archival print, ink, acrylic paint, encased in resin. 61.50 x 41.50”.

Ballerina, 2015.
Archival print, ink, acrylic paint, encased in resin.
61.50 x 41.50”.


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