Raphael Mazzucco

Raphael Mazzucco travels the world, shooting fashion, advertising, and celebrity portraits for leading brands, businesses, and magazines. He has shot bikini-clad models for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue; celebrities ranging from Adrien Brody to Olivia Newton John for a book project; and fashion spreads for publications including Vogue and Marie Claire. Though his schedule is constantly full of such commissions, he also finds time to pursue his own projects. Like his commercial work, his personal work is based in photography and centered upon gorgeous women. He begins with photographs of women in all manner of dress and undress, captured in the midst of action or still and posing. Over these images, Mazzucco paints, sketches, and splashes colorful pigment, creating an exuberant overlay of marks and brushstrokes in celebration of beauty and expression.

Canadian, Vancouver, Canada, based in New York, New York


Piano Girl, 2018.
Archival C print, acrylic paint, ink, pigment, encased in resin.
72 x 48 x 2.50”.

Season of Increase, 2016.
Archival print, pigment, acrylic paint, collage, encased in resin.
83 x 65 x 3“.

Waterwheel, 2018.
Archival C print, acrylic paint, ink, pigment, encased in resin.
48 x 72 x 2.50”.

Adriana Triptych, 2015.
Archival print, ink, acrylic paint, encased in resin.
48 x 73“.

Bicycle Girl, 2017.
Archival pigment print, acrylic paint, ink, encased in resin.
71 x 57.50”


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